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"I join the millions of others standing up to call for a ceasefire, now and wish to do what I can to help"


 I am from Northern Ireland where comparisons have long been made between the Irish Catholic and the Palestinian struggles. Essentially both disadvantaged groups the IRA & PLO fighting against powerful elites which are funded and supported by world powers. 

As a new mum I am particularly haunted by the images and thoughts of mothers giving birth in Gaza right now and trying to keep their babies alive.

I would like to offer this art piece with with every dirham being donated to Doctors Without Borders in support of the people of Gaza.

Free Delivery within UAE.

Art Skills Swap Dubai Art Connects Women ZeeArts 'Weave a Culture' Christine Iris Wilson

/ WEAVING A CULTURE // 1of 1 Original

We must try to weave a culture of Gratitude and Sustainability into the fabric of our
forming digital future and make this second nature.
‘Gratitude’ in Kufic from woven into Lazered suede  /Painted leather // Fabric & lifejacket woven // handmade copper wire tassels.
Made from 100% Recycled materials:
Repurposed Etihad leather, suede & lifejacket
Traditional Majilis fabric off cuts
Copper wire

On canvas

L 100 x H 70 cm

Exhibited at Habtoor Palace March 2023 with ZeeArts // Art Connects Women

For more info Whatsapp +971566440036