Art Skills Swap Dubai Art Connects Women ZeeArts 'Weave a Culture' Christine Wilson

"I would love for this piece to find a home with another who wishes to share their skill or ability, just for the fun of it. Let us meet for coffee and create a unique exchange"

If you like to own the piece of work ‘Weave a Culture’ we invite you to make an offer of what you feel is a fair trade – anything except money!

In line with the exhibition theme of connecting, suggested offers are made with a mind to meet and make a personal connection through the exchange.

  • The art work was created in approximately 27 hours
  • Offers may include an item you own which you feel is of a similar value or is skills based.
  • For example: Other artworks / music lessons/ workshop offerings/ hair cuts etc


  1. Go to instagram
  2. Make offer through Stories. Dm photograph if applicable.
  3. Comment “Offer Made” under any of our March IG posts (this will help us link and contact you regarding your offer)


Bids are open to those able to travel to the Emirate of Dubai, until the end of Women’s Month, Friday 13st March. The winner will be contacted via instagram with winning bid confirmed Monday 3rd AprilThe exchange of offerings shall be made on a date by mutual agreement.

Art Skills Swap Dubai Art Connects Women ZeeArts 'Weave a Culture' Christine Iris Wilson

/ WEAVING A CULTURE // 1of 1 Original

We must try to weave a culture of Gratitude and Sustainability into the fabric of our
forming digital future and make this second nature.
‘Gratitude’ in Kufic from woven into Lazered suede  /Painted leather // Fabric & lifejacket woven // handmade copper wire tassels.
Made from 100% Recycled materials:
Repurposed Etihad leather, suede & lifejacket
Traditional Majilis fabric off cuts
Copper wire

On canvas

L 100 x H 70 cm

Exhibited at Habtoor Palace March 2023 with ZeeArts // Art Connects Women

For more info Whatsapp +971566440036